Edenville Seventh-day Adventist Church

Hope | MI
Pastor Nelson & Family


A gentleman started across a busy street one day in one of our cities, when a woman suddenly pulled him by the arm and said, "Look at that red light!" He replied, "But look at the people going across the street." The woman said, "Don't look at the people, look at the light and follow it!" 

That was good advice. It really put the whole thing in a nutshell.

Are we taking our walking signals in this world from Christ or from the crowd? Are we breaking His rules, His laws, in order to keep step with the multitude? Let us look to the Light for illumination, for instruction.

The Bible is our roadmap that leads to Jesus!
My friend, today, Jesus is standing at the door of you heart, asking you to put your complete faith and trust in Him!
My prayer for you, is that you will look to Him as your light and follow Him!

Pastor Terry Nelson